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Welcome to Lane’s Taxidermy Studio. We are a full line taxidermy shop in the Dansville, NY area. (About 70 miles from Buffalo, 40 miles south of Rochester) We work with everything from Whitetail Deer, Elk, Bears and Moose, as well as small mammals like Coyotes and Bobcats. We also do fish skin mounts, fish reproductions (replicas) and upland birds.

Family Owned & Operated

About Ryan Lane

I have been doing taxidermy since the 1990’s. It is my belief that Taxidermy is an art form and attention to detail is what makes the difference. It is my goal to make your trophy look as good or better that the day you got it. To do this I spend countless hours studying reference and anatomy to educate myself as to how each specimen I mount should look. I compete on a yearly basis in state and regional taxidermy competitions to see how what I’ve learned stacks up against the competition. Please see my list of awards on my “Awards” page. I have been very fortunate to have done very well over the years. To ensure that your mount is given the attention it deserves, I only take a limited amount of work on each year. I believe that every trophy should get the time dedicated to it that it takes to produce a quality, lifelike, mount. I don’t cut any corners. I use the highest quality materials and most up to date techniques in the industry, many of these developed by myself, to produce blue ribbon quality mounts for all of my customers.

Award Winning Taxidermy Studio


I have been competing in taxidermy for almost 10 years. In this time I am proud of the fact that I have been able to win some of the most prestigious awards in the industry. I attribute this to the fact that I take the time to educate myself and also attend seminars every year to stay at the top of the industry.

  • 19 Best of Categories
  • 21 First place ribbons
  • 7 Second Place ribbons
  • 1 Third place ribbon
  • Rising Star Award: Competitor that is an up and coming “Star” in the industry
  • Bruchac Award: Best Whitetail in any category in the entire competition
  • WASCO Award: Award for the most artistic piece in the competition
  • 3 McKenzie Awards: Best whitetail in any category in the entire competition
  • Tru-to-Life Gamehead award: Best gamehead in the competition
  • 2nd Place “Taxidermists Choice”: For best mount in the competition. Chosen from all mounts
  • 2 First Honest Whitetail Awards: For the highest scoring whitetail on a “First Honest” Form
  • Best of Show: Highest scoring piece out of all pieces
  • Lifetone Paint Award: Highest scoring fish painted with Lifetone paint
  • Buckmasters Award: For highest scoring whitetail in the Professional Division
  • Woody Award: For second best piece in the competition

Bringing your hunt back to life is our passion.

Owner - Ryan Lane

Let our work speak for itself

Photo Gallery

Click on the gallery below to view just some of the work we’ve done over the years.

Get the most out of your trophy

Helpful Tips & Links

The amount of care you take of your trophy in the field has EVERYTHING to do with the quality of the finished product. Poor care can mean unattractive mounts, costly repair work, or complete loss of the specimen. Following these guidelines, and a little common sense, will insure your trophy will arrive at our shop in good condition.

  • NEVER cut the throat.
  • NEVER hang the trophy by the neck with a rope.
  • NEVER cut down the back or up the brisket.
  • NEVER get the hide wet.
  •  NEVER drag the animal if possible, especially on shoulders.
  • ALWAYS get the animal to the taxidermist immediately.
  • ALWAYS freeze your trophy immediately if you can’t get to the taxidermist right away.
  • ALWAYS save plenty of hide. Too much is better than too little. See pictures below as an example on where to cut.
  • Avoid netting the fish, as nets will split the fins and tail.
  • Be very gentle with the fish, and try to avoid losing any scales.
  • Freeze the fish as soon as possible to help retain some of its natural markings.
  • When freezing a fish, carefully lay its fins next to the body and wrap the fish in a WET towel. This will help eliminate freezer burn
  • Avoid keeping the freezer for very long. A fish frozen in this manner will last much longer than if it were unprotected (such as wrapped in newspaper, foil, dry towel, etc.) but I would still suggest getting it to your taxidermist within 3 months or so.
  • After harvesting your bird immediately dab any blood from the feathers with a soft cloth or paper towel.
  • NEVER wring the birds neck!
  • Handle the bird VERY gently and avoid losing ANY feathers. Try to handle the bird only by the feet if possible.
  • If available, slide the bird in an old pair of panty hose. Otherwise you may wrap it in a dry towel.
  • Place in a plastic bag and freeze.
  • Get the bird to the taxidermist as soon as possible. Birds freezer burn very quickly!

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